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The Global Sourcing Solutions

Global Strategy

with over 30 years of experience

CMC Global Distribution’s global sourcing services can help businesses tap into resources and technology not available with inhouse capabilities. We provide goods and services from a wide range of international markets with the help of our extensive global network that has been built throughout the past 30 years.

Our Global Sourcing Strategy include the following services and processes:

Supply Chain Management


CMC Global Distribution can advise clients on a full range of supply chain activities, including logistics, demand planning, materials management, strategic sourcing, and supplier management.

We have partners throughout Vietnam, Southeast Asia, United States, Europe, and Mexico that can collect supplier data and help clients develop a global supply chain network. Our extensive network of partners will help ensure smooth and effective transactions.


Step 1: Sourcing of Raw Materials

Step 2: Manufacturing Materials to Simple Parts

Step 3: Assembling Simple Parts into Finished Product

Step 4: Selling Finished Product

Step 5: Local Warehousing and Delivery of Finished Products

Supplier Relationship Management 


CMC Global Distribution’s global ensures a smooth and healthy relationship to vendors. We focus on managing the costs and service-level agreements so that our customers only receive products in the highest possible quality.


Step 1: Identifying Business Goals & Objectives

Step 2: Identifying Relevant Selection Criteria

Step 3: Evaluating & Selecting Suppliers

Step 4: Negotiating & Contracting

Step 5: Evaluating Supplier Performance

Procurement Management


CMC Global Distribution manages the procurement of the good or services with a process-oriented approach. This ensures that the items or services are properly and efficiently acquired so that your projects can be successful.


Step 1: Vendor Selection

Step 2: Contract Negotiations

Step 3: Vendor Onboarding

Step 4: Monitoring Vendor Performance

Step 5: Monitoring & Managing Risk

Crisis Management


In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is more focus than ever on business resilience – with expanded mandates and a renewed focus on crises.

To ensure your organization can thrive amid disruption and uncertainty, we help our clients move from managing to leading crises. Our goal is to minimize the damage of a potential crisis.

Stages of Crisis Management

Stage 1: PreCrisis

Stage 2: Crisis Response

Stage 3: Post-Crisis

Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting


CMC Global Distribution has a strategic, value-creating perspective to every engagement that can deliver fresh insights through an efficient, results-oriented process.

We tailer your M&A strategy through an incremental, highly collaborative approach. We utilize our global, cross-industry network, to give our customers the best strategy possible.


Step 1: Strategy

Step 2: Preparation

Step 3: Execution

Step 4: Post Signing & Close

Step 5: Integrate